“Effective July 1, 2014, the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services will ONLY accept electronic fingerprint submissions for civil purposes. This new process aims at improving service levels and accuracy of your screening.
*Please note that after July 1, 2014, paper submissions will not be processed and will be returned to the originator.”  RCMP


In Canada, individuals may be required to supply a criminal background check for employment purposes, volunteer work, real estate licence, taxi licence, trucking licence or for any other civil screening purpose. These types of checks are commonly referred to as Background Checks, Police Clearance, CPIC Check, Police Clearance Certificate and Police Records Check.

These types of checks are performed by searching the individual’s name and date of birth, in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records to determine whether the individual has a criminal record. A Criminal Record Check may also include a search of your local police service’s records, which may reveal criminal record information that has not been reported to the RCMP.

Parry Sound-Muskoka Digital Fingerprinting is an accredited RCMP agency authorized to perform these checks for you. We are affiliated with CLEARNEED INFORMATION SYSTEMS.


Individuals may be required to submit fingerprints to the RCMP for a Certified Police Clearance. Fingerprints may be required after an individual submitted a name based background check but this came back as inconclusive, therefore fingerprints are requested for a proof positive result from the RCMP.

Individuals that wish to obtain a Pardon, a USA Waiver, Citizenship and certain types of Employment, to name a few, will need to submit fingerprints to the RCMP for their clearance.

Parry Sound-Muskoka Digital Fingerprinting is an affiliate of CLEARNEED INFORMATION SYSTEMS who is accredited and certified by the Canadian Real Time Identification Services Division (CCRTIS) of the RCMP to perform electronic/digital fingerprinting services for you. This means that when your digital prints are submitted to the RCMP, within 72 hours, they will type the results and drop them into the mail, assuming you have never been fingerprinted for a criminal offence anywhere in Canada. If you have, to which you have not applied and received a pardon, the process may take up to 120 days for the results. Fingerprinting by the ink and roll method is still available. If ink and roll fingerprints are submitted to the RCMP however, the returned results may take upwards of 120 days, if no record is found. If a record is found, this time line would likely increase.


Individuals who will be working or volunteering with vulnerable members of society may be required to complete a vulnerable sector ( VS ) check. Vulnerable members are children, the elderly or persons with disabilities. Teachers, social workers, day care workers, nurses and children’s sports coaches are examples of positions that may require a VS check.

The VS check is designed to protect individuals from dangerous offenders who have a criminal record or a pardoned sexual offence conviction and is recommended as part of the overall employment or volunteer screening process. The results can help determine whether the individual is suitable to work or volunteer where they will be in close contact with vulnerable people.

Your organization requesting the Criminal Background Check should advise you whether the detailed VS check is needed or the normal Canadian Police Information Centre ( CPIC ) check. Ensuring what is requested may save you precious time in receiving the proper clearance.

A vulnerable sector check is initiated by your local police service where you live within the Parry Sound Muskoka areas. The police service will use the CPIC system, as well as their own database to conduct a background search based on your name, gender and date of birth. If your gender and date of birth match to a pardoned sex offender record, you will be asked to submit your fingerprints to confirm your identity.


If your police service cannot submit fingerprints electronically, you can request to have your fingerprints taken by an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agency that does have the electronic/digital capability. It’s easy – all you need is a ‘Letter_of_Instruction’ form completed by your police service who processed the VS check initially.

In the Parry Sound and Muskoka areas, the OPP detachments do not have the scanners necessary to submit electronically to the RCMP. This means a further wait of up to 120 days as compared to within a 2 week turnaround time for the individual, with no criminal record, to receive his/her police clearance.