About the Owner

Photo of Bruce AshtonMy name is Bruce ASHTON and I’m a retired sergeant with thirty years of service in my chosen profession with the Peel Regional Police Service. During my tenure with the service, I spent eight of those years in the Criminal Identification Bureau. One of my responsibilities within this unit was to process individuals charged with a criminal offence by taking their photograph and fingerprints for submission to the RCMP under the Identification of Criminals Act.

Within a short time after retiring, I became employed with a private fingerprinting company in Mississauga called ‘International Fingerprinting Service’. This company would later merge and become known as ‘L-1 Identity Solutions’. I was employed with these companies for a period of ten years, fingerprinting individuals both digitally and ink based methods for criminal background checks for employment, pardon applications, USA waivers and vulnerable sector purposes, to name a few.

With the police background in the proper method of recording fingerprints and with eighteen years overall in this field; individuals who need to obtain fingerprints for whatever the reason can rest assured that their prints will be captured to the highest quality!

I have lived in the Seguin Township area with my wife Carrie on a seasonal basis since 1991 and full time since 2008. We have two adult daughters, both married, with one residing in Burlington and the other in Georgetown. We have been blessed with seven grandchildren.

Carrie and I recently acquired a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, named ‘Copper’ to complete our family!