Card Scan Check

Parry Sound-Muskoka Digital Fingerprinting is a certified, accredited RCMP agency authorized to convert paper-based fingerprints into digital prints prior to submission to the RCMP database.

Ink and roll fingerprinting has been the mainstream type of fingerprinting process for decades. In remote and rural areas, like the Parry Sound and Muskoka regions, this type of printing is used by all OPP detachments.

The main advantage of the conversion process is the turnaround time of when you receive the results from the RCMP. If the individual has no criminal record or has never been fingerprinted in Canada for a criminal offence, the RCMP will within 72 hours, mail you the results of their check. If the subject has a criminal record or was fingerprinted by any police agency in Canada and who has never applied for and received a pardon, then the results could take upwards of 120 days or even longer!


If your company has a departmental security officer that still takes ink and roll fingerprints for submission to the RCMP, then our card scan service is for you. Arrangements can be made to have the paper-based fingerprints sent to Parry Sound-Muskoka Digital Fingerprinting, we will then scan the prints into our system and submit them directly to the RCMP. Your potential employee will need to provide a third party consent waiver form allowing the results to be returned to your company.

If you are an individual who has obtained paper-based fingerprints but would like to receive the results sooner, then using our card scan service is your alternative. Arrangements can be made to have the paper-based prints dropped off to our office or sent to us. The fingerprints will be converted to digital format and submitted to the RCMP to ensure a faster turnaround time.

The fee associated with the card scan procedure is the same as the in-person live scan since the process is virtually the same. ( See Fee Structure Link )