United States Waiver

United States Waiver ( commonly known as a ‘US WAIVER’ )

Parry Sound-Muskoka Digital Fingerprinting is a certified, accredited RCMP agency authorized to capture your fingerprints on a high-tech scanner and transmit them directly to the RCMP computer in Ottawa.


Individuals that have attempted to enter the United States at any of the border points and have been refused entry, for whatever the reason, will need to obtain a US waiver prior to entering the United States in the future.

The most common reason for entry refusal is the individual has a criminal conviction in the past and/or has been fingerprinted for a criminal offence at some point in his life! As in the Pardon Application link, it must be reiterated here that Homeland Security does not recognize Canadian pardons, so if it becomes known that you received a pardon sometime in the past, entry will likely be refused.

Fortunately for Canadians, rigorous detailed examinations are not conducted regularly at the border and as such individuals with previous minor indiscretions often travel freely between the United States and Canada. If however, you need to obtain a US waiver, the first step in the process is to request your record and/or criminal record file to be sent to you by the RCMP. The fastest and most convenient way to obtain this record is through digital submission. According to the RCMP website, it could take upwards of 120 days to receive this record, subject to when the record occurred. In all likelihood you will receive the information somewhere between 60 – 120 days! If however, you submit your fingerprints by the ink method, the results will be mailed to you somewhere between 4 – 6 months!

Individuals that have received their record from the RCMP must take it to a US Customs and Immigration location to apply for the waiver. It is entirely up to Homeland Security as to whether they grant a waiver or not. Initially, a waiver is usually granted for a period of one year. Individuals should start the process at the six month stage of their first waiver to ensure the second waiver is granted prior to the first one expiring. Homeland Security grant one, three and five year waivers but the fee charged is not pro-rated.

At the present time, if you have been required to obtain a US waiver to enter the United States, you will need a waiver to enter indefinitely!

Pearson International Airport is the closest US Customs and Immigration location to apply for a waiver.